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Requalification and Expansion of the Alice Vieira Basic School

Rehabilitation and Expansion of Alice Vieira Basic School


Customer | West Lisbon - SRU

Project Value | €3,889,000.00

Project Duration | 18 months

The contract consists of the total rehabilitation of the existing building and the expansion of school equipment with the construction of a new sports pavilion, a new space for the Kindergarten patio, and redefinition of accesses to the outside as well as the reformulation of the outdoor space.

In a 1st phase, the installation of new temporary rooms in monoblock containers is carried out at the School, EB 2, 3 dos Olivais.

In a 2nd phase, all the requalification and expansion works of the Alice Vieira School will be carried out.

In a 3rd phase it refers to the dismantling of the provisional installations of the 1st phase at Escola dos Olivais.





Rua Esteiro de Campanhã, 82

4300 - 174 Porto

Tel (+351) 220 434 870


Av. Freedom, 69 - 4E

1250-140 Lisbon

Tel (+351) 210 539 633

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