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BRT - Boavista - Império

Rehabilitation and Expansion of the Alice Vieira Basic School

BRT - Boavista - Império


Cliente |  Metro do Porto

Project Value | 66 milion €


Project Duration | - months

The BRT is a public transportation system that has been gaining prominence in urban areas due to its high environmental performance (electric or hydrogen-powered), similar to a metro system. The completion of this project is expected by the end of 2024, with a total investment of 66 million euros, funded by the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR). The services include:

  • Construction of a 4.2 km BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) line on the Boavista - Império section

  • 7 central stations along the Boavista - Império section

  • Construction of a 3.95 km BRT line connecting to the Anémona roundabout

  • 5 central stations planned for the connection to the Anémona roundabout

  • Reconfiguration of some surrounding roads in terms of layout, directions, signage, and traffic lights, as well as some drainage and water supply infrastructures

  • Construction of a green hydrogen production plant and a photovoltaic plant for energy production

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